Maintaining Your Carpet’s Beauty By Regular Carpet Cleaning and Vacuuming in your Apollo Beach home and office.

Customers often ask me, “What can I do to maintain the carpet after cleaning?” And my response is always, buy a good vacuum and vacuum often.

It seems simple, yet whether it’s family, customers or friends, I am often horrified by the poor condition of their vacuums or the lack of vacuuming that goes on within their households. However, I will be the first one to admit that with my growing business, I often do not have the time to vacuum as much as I should. (As a helpful tip, the Carpet and Rug institute recommends twice a week vacuuming.) Yeah, right!

With that said, with your busy real world life is just too full for double time vacuuming, I would highly recommend investing in either a high-grade or commercial vacuuming cleaner for your home use.

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The visual effects of using a top quality vacuum are often stunning. On more than one occasion, customers really believed I had finished the carpet cleaning job, though I had only vacuumed with a high quality vacuum.   A good vacuum can extend the life of your carpet, improve your house’s indoor air quality and remove excess dirt and grime. In addition, using a top quality vacuum on a regular basis can make professional carpet cleaning faster, more effective and can save you money.

Professional rug and carpet cleaning is a lot like the teeth cleaning you get twice a year at your dentist’s office.  But you can’t rely on just that deep cleaning to keep you healthy.  You have to brush and floss every day.  Your rugs need the same attention:  Professional cleaning once or twice a year and continuous maintenance throughout the year.

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